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The Alvarium Difference
Technology Implementation Does Not Have to Be a Struggle

Are you a leader who needs less expensive, more pragmatic and rapidly implemented solutions? 

Do you struggle to get what you need from large consulting firms? 

Do you feel you are training the very consultants you are paying?  

There really is a better way.  We are ...


Alvarium Technologies is Strategy-Agile®. We are a tech advisory firm that delivers strategic plans and functional prototypes for emerging technologies, such as IoT, AI, ML, and Data Design, in 4 to 8 weeks.



Unlike consulting firms who charge by the hour, have protracted timelines, and no vested interest in your success, Alvarium Technologies takes a different approach. We partner with you, share project risk and deliver fast, targeted solutions that can be market-tested quickly.

Willing to Share Risk.

If you are not an expert in technology, how do you know what you want to create makes sense? Building a product or solution that nobody wants is a big risk in technology today – engineering firms will build whatever you ask, but the results are often overkill.

All About Action.

Alvarium Technologies has deep expertise, both in strategy and tech implementation. Our simple, effective strategic plans make sense because our advisors have more than 15 years of deep, hands-on experience building enterprise architectures for mid-size to very large billion dollar organizations.

daniel sexton.jpg
Daniel Sexton
Founder Partner

misha manulis.jpg
Misha Manulis
Founder Partner

Daniel Sexton has 15+ years of experience building large-scale technology solutions for Fortune 500 companies with a focus on emerging tech and business strategy. He also has 5+ years of experience in startups. Georgetown University & University of Tennessee.

Misha Manulis brings over 15 years experience developing solutions for robotics/UAVs, wired & wireless networks, space-based systems, IoT and e-commerce. He is a creative solutions architect and engineering leader. California State University, San Marcos.

peter cresse.jpg
Peter Cresse
Chief Commercial Officer

Peter Cresse is an international commercial executive that has led sales teams in digital media, satellite and telecom networks and data software. He has grown revenue in 3 different startups with great success. University of Massachusetts and MSA, Central Michigan University.

Let's get started.

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