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The Programs.

Alvarium is all about speed to market with measurable deliverables. We provide expertise from design to implementation and work in concert with focused business needs.  The programs are designed around client business outcomes and we encourage you to choose what works for you and get started.

Accelerator. Engage sharp minds for a 2-5 day session and plan forward.

Deliverables include:

    Business outcomes analysis

    Technical & product designs

    Functional prototypes

    IoT architecture advisement

Strategy & Consulting. Targeted for 1-4 weeks to lay out timelines, resources, and an actionable roadmap. Deliverables include:

    Technical & Solution Strategy Maps

    IoT Solution Roadmaps

    Resources Plan

    Functional Prototypes

Membership. Continue project towards implementation. You can outsource the initial IoT to gain momentum. Deliverables include:

    Plans - a few days to a few months

    Resource Plans & Talent Acquisition

    Program Development

    On-Demand Advisory

    Implementation Services


Alvarium provides three main areas of expertise – IoT, AWS Cloud, and Data/Machine Learning (AI) design. The core advisory does not change, but the focus does on how business outcomes drive each of these areas.

We use knowledge and real-world experience to craft the best approach for clients. Then we risk share on the outcomes – we are willing to put a fair part of the risk into the program. Expertise areas include:

IoT. Using a combination of a network mindset and value all the way from the edge to the cloud, Alvarium provides a comprehensive blueprint for clients.  It’s NOT an all-in-one platform approach.  We work with clients on:

    What is the specific business need?

    How is the intelligent edge managed (sensor, data, AI)?

    What Minimum Viable Service (MVS) is enabled?

    All with speed and cost timelines.

AWS. As Amazon Web Services Cloud services grow, there’s a greater need to make all parts work together. Alvarium outlines the best AWS architecture and then shows how the data IN PRODUCTION WORKS.  We work with clients on:

    What is the data workflow from the edge to the API?

    How is the data managed in storage and compute cost efficiently?

    What major element of the AWS cloud is enabled?

Data/Machine Learning (AI). The most important assets for companies today are their data sets that surround their vertical business value. Alvarium starts there and outlines data architectures that:

             Shows DEFENSIBLE DATA.

             Manages machine learning by task.

             Considers workflow, source to target

                ... and on to the API

Let's get started.

Contact us by phone, email or social media.

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