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IoT Reality to Start

Updated: Dec 30, 2018

At a top level, you want to do something meaningful for the Internet of Things, a concept that's been around for a few years. With data, sensors and cloud at a reasonable price point, it’s really about putting it all together, quickly. For Tech Directors tasked with initial IoT projects and Proof of Concepts (POCs), this is what they're thinking.

How do I …

  • Participate in a $500B IoT market and pick what's right for me?

  • Move beyond a PoC to adoption?

  • Focus on IoT reality for my business?

I’m concerned about IoT pain …

  • The barriers to success seem to lie in security, integration and ROI.

  • There's a 5:1 ratio of PoC to implementation.

  • Who's going to do the work?

Start right

There's an urgency to get moving, to show progress and start collecting data from your operations. Smart leaders avoid noise and overhead and focus on what needs to get done.

What good IoT leaders DON’T do …

  • Load up on people cost to solve a straight-forward IoT problem

  • Believe an all-in-one platform can meet their needs

  • Think sensor first

  • Sign up for long term subscriptions at the outset

What good IoT leaders CAN do …

  • Get an initial architecture design – flexible, agile and scalable

  • Think how it all leads to the first implementation

  • Investigate what the intelligent edge looks like

  • Think cost at the outset

The Alvarium approach

We talk cost and value for money. Look at cost as if you're spending your own money. Why should IoT be any different?

We leverage what you got. The installed base of operations, customers, pipelines, shipping containers, etc., represent the very nature of what leaders must craft into something of IoT value.

We think data first. The data that drives your business must be "defensible data." For IoT, it's moving beyond device into edge and searching for value across the network.

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